Kids in the Kitchen

Empowering Kids to Make Healthy Food and Lifestyle Choices

Recognizing that obesity can impact a child’s mental and physical health, with implications for their education, social lives, and ultimate success, The Junior Leagues’ Kids in the Kitchen program was born. Kids in the Kitchen is a program grounded in the belief that children and families empowered with the knowledge of how to feed and exercise their bodies will be less likely to become obese and subsequently suffer the many associated health risks.

In today’s food system, though, making healthy choices is not so simple, and healthy foods such as fresh produce are often more expensive and harder to find than the less nutritious alternatives, especially for low-income families.  Thus, the issues of poverty, food access, and community development are intrinsically intertwined in the causes of and solutions for childhood obesity. Inspired by the Junior League of Calgary’s Junior Chefs program, which began in 2001, The Junior Leagues’ Kids in the Kitchen initiative and others like it are now active in 200 locations around the world.

Since 2015, each of the Junior League of Albany’s New Member classes has created and hosted a Kids in the Kitchen event as part of their membership training. Over the past few years we have partnered with Girls, Inc., a local non-profit committed to helping girls build skills and capabilities for a responsible, confident and self-sufficient adulthood for our Kids in the Kitchen events. During our events, we help educate kids on how to make healthy lifestyle choices and about the importance of nutrition and fitness through cooking demonstrations and meal preparation events and exercise workshops.